Inspired to Build Africa's
Silicon Valley

Tech Village Africa was founded by diaspora tech professionals from different backgrounds with an ambitious goal of building a modern tech hub that empowers aspiring tech professionals, and entrepreneurs eager to learn emerging tech skills for success. We aim to provide learning spaces, co-working spaces, platforms, training, and certifications.

We are determined to build Africa’s top rising tech village community for entrepreneurs and mentors to collaborate on projects expanding their tech knowledge for better tomorrow. We believe it takes a village to build a brighter, prosperous, and technologically advanced society and generations craving to thrive.

Our Story

A consortium of diaspora tech professionals saw the need to invest in the young people of Africa with the aim of building a tech village community that will be used to cultivate skills, training, research, incubation and developing tech professionals and entrepreneurs.

In 2018, we put together a strong team of tech experts who started TVA project for improving the socio-economic standards of local communities in Africa. We were focused on recruiting talented and experienced professionals from different sectors to come together and share their experience with the local communities and businesses. Moreover, we’ve worked with architects to design our ideal tech village community to be completed in few years.

We have been successful in our efforts and created a strong network of qualified professionals. We are now working hard to start the construction of TVA tech hub so that our tech experts can help individuals, businesses and communities to adapt and integrate new technology solutions to reinvent the society inside out.

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