Africa’s population is expected to grow significantly by 2050, and with that, there is increased enthusiasm among its youthful population to learn new skills in technology, innovation, science and entrepreneurship. However, there are limited opportunities and resources in Africa to help bolster the aspirations of many young people in these areas. Tech Village Africa (TVA) wants to change that by leading the charge, giving young Africans a unique opportunity to expand their skills so that they too can become competitive in the global job market.

Tech Village Africa is a startup company established by diaspora tech professionals with a vision of building a tech hub village community in Yekepa, Liberia to leverage and enhance the potential of young Africans in the tech industry. Over the past two years, the TVA team has been taking the necessary steps to expand on this vision. So far, they have been able to buy 8.5 acres of land for their mega village community—a long-term project, secure an architectural plan, and establish the company’s online presence. All of these initial steps have been solely funded by the TVA team.

TVA’s next short-term project is the construction of its Coding and IT skills Training Bootcamp in Yekepa, Liberia where the main tech hub community will be located. This will get the ball rolling on the services the team wants to provide for the community. Once completed, the building will be used as a site for internet access, computer skills training and engaging the youth in the area through after-school IT and coding programs. In order to move forward, TVA needs your support to start the construction of the TVA Coding and IT Skills Training Bootcamp.

Although TVA has an ambitious long-term goal of building a mega tech hub village community, the team wants to start making an impact now. As such, they are inviting you to join forces with them by donating any amount to aid in their efforts of completing the Bootcamp to get their coding and IT training services running. The funds will be used for the construction of the Bootcamp, including paying for labor costs and purchasing building and furnishing materials. At TVA, we believe that ‘it takes a village to empower knowledge’. Can we count on you today? Thank you in advance for your commitment to building a better and tech savvy Africa. Kindly MAKE A DONATION share this GoFundMe with friends and family.

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