We are Determined to build
Tech Hub in Yekepa

Tech Village Africa is a forward-thinking company focused on techno-entrepreneurship and with growing effort to build a tech hub in Yekepa that will serve as an incubator for budding businesses, training tech professionals and entrepreneurs—bringing meaningful positive changes to the economic, technical, and environmental landscape in the region.

Who are we

Founded in 2018 by diaspora tech professionals who are well-versed with the challenges facing modern entrepreneurs and innovators in Africa, TVA seeks to provide modern learning spaces, co-working spaces, platforms, training sessions, and certifications to help individuals achieve their full potential.

We facilitate sharing resources to help African tech professionals learn new skills emerging technologies and entrepreneurship—empowering them for success. In addition, we intend to provide special computer training programs for school age children from seven to 18 years old and older. We also want to create a new opportunity for women involvement in IT and tech.

Mission and Vision

Our singular purpose is to create mindsets among young people that encourages them to start their businesses in their bedrooms, schools, universities, and at TVA’s own co-working space. Africa’s population will gradually increase by 2.5 billion people, with 1 billion being young people. TVA wants to equip the youth with the right tools, skill-set, knowledge, and experience to help them become global leaders. TVA empowers generations and communities with the necessary skills, resources, and training for a promising future.

Our goal is to build state-of-the-art tech hub to provide a platform to young people from the ages of seven and above to get into technology and entrepreneurship. We found passion in empowering generations for a better future with the love of tech and entrepreneurship.

Our Core Values

We value our community and everything that makes us unique. To focus on building the skills and talents of tech professionals, we believe in the values (CRITICAL) that guide us everyday:

Collaboration: We work as a team to realize success for everyone.
Result Oriented: We provide our young entrepreneurs with the necessary resources, training and office space to help them achieve their results.
Integrity: Remain strictly faithful in business dealings and the use of resources managed. Prioritize trust at the forefront of everything we do. Doing what we say we will do—always exceeding expectations.
Innovation: Remain at the forefront of innovation. Always looking for tech solutions to existing and future problems.
Community Focused: building a community that promotes human–capital development—leveraging technology to help everyone thrive.
Accountability: Taking share responsibility as a community—ensuring that we are accountable for our actions that will help us learn—becoming the most trustworthy community of all time
Learn and embrace diverse ideas: Always yearning for new skills and solutions to problems together as a tech community. Learning and sharing knowledge and resources to help community members succeed in their endeavors.

Investing in Businesses
and Individuals

The young people of Africa are our greatest assets, and they can bring value to the continent. So, it is important to nurture them and promote their growth. At Tech Village Africa, we help young entrepreneurs find experts to help them with their projects, improve market capabilities, and be a part of a global network. We provide them with resources to facilitate their venture ideas and mentor them to improve their earnings and increase the value of their investments.

TVA also supports startups by emphasizing customer acquisition, digital marketing, lean startup practices, and skill training to further promote the development of innovative ecosystems through events, conferences, educational programs, and partnerships with corporations around the world.