Building a vibrant tech

Tech Village Africa is a future-focused nonprofit organization with the aim of designing and implementing technologically advanced solutions to solve problems of local communities and villages in Africa.

Our Community

We provide connections, training, advice, and easily accessible tech tools to mentors young entrepreneurs alike to work together and build stronger communities. We partner with social enterprises, governments, philanthropists, donors, volunteers, businesses, and community builders to ensure our community members have the resources and support services available 24/7.

We are a tech–focused organization that provides many services and facilities to members of our community. We strive to build positive relationships between local businesses and entrepreneurs. You can join like–minded people from all walks of life on a rewarding entrepreneurial journey. We believe it takes a village to build communities that achieve success.

Our mission is to empower generations and communities with the necessary skills for a promising future. Another key part of our mission is to help build productive, healthy communities while reducing the negative impact of human activity on the environment.

We believe that technology is central for solving many problems in the region and we help leverage it for a better future.

Supporting you for

Each member of our community success is our ultimate goal. We provide variety of supports and resources to help everyone succeed in everything they endeavor to do. We take proud in our success–driven community that goes extra mile to help you bring your dream to live. We help you get ready for the job and entrepreneurial world.