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Tech Village Africa Impacting Communities in Liberia

Tech Village Africa is a tech startup with the vision of revolutionizing the technological landscape in Liberia. With a goal centered on resource sharing and skill development in emerging technologies and entrepreneurship, the startup is empowering tech professionals for future success.

Support the construction of TVA Building Project, and Coding and IT

Africa’s population is expected to grow significantly by 2050, and with that, there is increased enthusiasm among its youthful population to learn new skills in technology, innovation, science and entrepreneurship. However, there are limited opportunities and resources in Africa to help bolster the aspirations of many young people.

Tech Village Africa: Diaspora Tech Professionals have A Vision

In a world that is constantly changing, countries across the globe have adopted new technology to improve the way people live. The past decade witnessed how technology has improved sectors such as education, business and healthcare. In response to today’s changing needs, tech hubs such as Silicon Valley have sprung up across the world.

Liberia: Tech Village Africa Brings IT, Entrepreneurship Training

The annual conference, now in its third year since its inception, is focused on introducing young people to specialty skills such as cybersecurity, computer programming, networking, software development, IT in health care, digital marketing and many other topics. Last year, TVACON attracted over 150 attendees in Ganta and Monrovia.

Closing Africa’s Internet Gap: Why now more than Ever Africa needs

Of all the technological discoveries made in the past decade, none of them has brought the world closer as the World Wide Web. Thanks to the internet, people previously separated by distance can now connect in a much faster and more frequent manner. This has led to an increase in cross-cultural and intercontinental interactions.

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