Empower Women
in Tech

TVA provides a platform for young entrepreneurs to brainstorm new ideas to solve issues—tackling issues such as lack of access to technology, diversity and inclusion in tech skills building.

Empower Women in
Tech Research

The development and success of a community are dependent on how well we educate our girls and young women. Supporting and empowering women can lead to social and financial success. At TVA, we want to support young adults and women to play a leading role in taking us to the next level of prosperity. This is why women empowerment in the tech industry remains one of our major goals.

We create new opportunities for developing women’s talent and work on programs for bringing more women into tech and other fields because women are capable of innovating new technology and arts if we provide them with a great learning experience and the opportunity to network with others. We work with women in innovating new technology that provides them with great learning experience and the opportunity to network with like–minded individuals—building their presence as leaders and entrepreneurs—providing mentorship and resources to achieve professional success.

Women who lead small businesses achieve great things together. At TVA, we bring together entrepreneurs from various backgrounds who share their experiences and journeys—all their ups and downs. We also believe women should have a stronger presence as leaders and entrepreneurs. We will provide mentorship and actionable plans to achieve professional success. TVA inspires, empowers, and connects the next generation of women leaders by exposing them to exciting sessions, inspirational role models, and addresses the education gap to build their confidence and skill set.

Our Solutions for Women

We develop a comprehensive strategy to help women in tech research come forward and make a difference. Our strategy is based on four major components: 1) Spread awareness and importance of tech skills building in the communities, 2) Build positive role models for women empowerment in technology, 3) Help local governments and businesses improve technological infrastructure and 4) Prepare women to take up employment and start businesses for economic freedom.