Tech for Community

Tech Village Africa is a future-focused organization with the aim of designing and implementing technologically advanced solutions to solve problems of local communities and villages in Africa. Our mission is to empower generations and communities with the necessary skills for a promising future.

Our vision for future

We believe in using modern innovation to build a greener community. Tech Village Africa will partner with experts to offer technical training in Clean, Renewable Energy, and Agritech, Mobile Electronic Transactions, Robotics and Drones. We will focus on researching and development of green technology and renewable energy like solar power, and wind energy for building tech–focused communities.

Solar Energy and
Green Art

Africa has excellent potential for leading the way, particularly in the solar power development sector. The equator runs right through the center of Africa and we get more sunlight on this continent than any other part of the world, throughout the year. By tapping into the power of the sun through solar energy, we hope to lead the way in new power generation methods. TVA aims to research renewable energy and partner with companies in the green energy sector to provide the needed skill training to young people.

Green Art is the idea of building eco–friendly cities and urban centers that make extensive use of recycled materials and green technologies. Green Art includes everything from buildings with external walls and ceilings covered with greenery to using recycled plastic for creating decorative art. TVA aims to promote a culture of green art by supporting local artists who use waste material such as plastics for their art and help reduce pollutants from mixing into the environment.

Agritech and Mobile

Agriculture can play a strong part in the economic development and growth of communities in the region. Africa has a suitable climate for growing produce all year round. TVA will partner with agricultural experts to assist local farmers. We will support them adopt innovative use of modern technology in farming such as water irrigation, crop rotation, mixed farming and introduction of diverse crops to help boost the economy.

Mobile health or mHealth as it is called for short is an innovative method of providing health services to patients who are too far from the medical facility or unable to travel to the center for any reason. mHealth can speed up the time it takes for doctors to see patients and provides healthcare at your doorstep. TVA will work with healthcare experts to create an effective network that provides greater access to healthcare services to the public. We will build systems for a better adaptation of health–promoting practices and raise awareness about health issues through mobile–based apps and web platforms.

Drone and Robotic

The lack of infrastructure and a proper road network has impeded progress as towns find it difficult to coordinate with each other. The drone technology promises very effective solutions for delivering necessary supplies from one place to another. Many talented young people are already using existing drone technology to build drones in Africa. TVA will work to train the young people in operating and building drones to improve connectivity between different communities. We aim to help young inventors take their ideas to the next level.

Robotics can give us the ability to reach areas that are difficult for humans to make use of because of severe living conditions. TVA will partner with some of the leading robotics technology companies from around the world to explore how we can build and implement robotic solutions for exploring our natural resources. We can also use robots for medical treatment in case of deadly virus outbreaks like Ebola. Robotic technology can be used in these cases to reduce the spread of disease and make it quicker and easier to get treatment to the affected persons.