What will you
learn at TVA

TVA is poised to lead the charge providing training and certification programs. This is done in part with intensive training conferences and seminars. The bulk of TVA staff has professional backgrounds in IT. This enables participants to gain access to technical knowledge and expertise from veterans with real-world experience in the tech field.

Conference Training and

The idea is to invite trailblazers in technical fields to seminars, conferences, and workshops to engage with young audiences. This not only creates awareness, but it also inspires young people to follow in their footsteps and do their bit to build their skills.

To build these skills, TVA provides intensive training and certification programs in areas related to technology. Small businesses will receive IT consulting services from experienced professionals who will help them navigate through the complex world of software. Young children between the ages of 7 to 12 will learn computer programming through fun and interacting activities.

We are a tech-focused venture that is focused on helping African communities, businesses, and youth do better. Our organization aims to bring meaningful positive changes to the economic, technical, and environmental landscape in the region. We offer advanced technical training and certifications in a variety of areas, including software development, database administration, networking, cybersecurity, project management, software testing, entrepreneurship and more.

Investing in African

We believe that technology is central for solving many problems in the region and we help leverage it for a better future. We have seen how rapid advances in technology can lead to the sudden growth and expansion of economies around the world. The same could happen for Africa. The continent has a young population with a lot of talent and hidden potential. Tech Village Africa strives to make Africa the hub of innovation and new tech development around the world.